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The purposes of the association

  • To build programs to allow the association’s volunteers to work with organisations in the mental health and disability sectors, youth groups, families, indigenous people and children to use fishing as a way to improve lives.
  • To build programs using fishing that will encourage people of all ages to spend quality time outdoors. This also allows people to regain social skills that they may have lost by becoming stuck in front of a TV, technology or social media and housebound, helping them engage in society again. They will learn to fish and hopefully, this will encourage greater social interaction by associating and interacting with the association’s volunteers and others fishing with them.

  • To increase self-worth and learn how to fish as well as learning other new skills along the way, meeting new people in a safe, supportive environment and/or volunteering to help others down the track
  • To work with law enforcement agencies, schools and groups to assist youth in trouble/at-risk teens by setting up programs in schools and elsewhere utilizing the benefits of fishing.
  • To engage any groups or individuals that need an outlet because of the pressures in their lives due to everyday issues.
  • To allow organizations to refer the association to disadvantaged people, mental illness, homeless, disability, youth, family violence prevention groups, indigenous people and any groups that would benefit by teaching positive behavioural patterns, social skills, anger management, drug prevention and suicide prevention.
  • To use fishing as a stepping stone to improving and changing lives
  • To set up projects such as learning rod and reel repairs, boat repair projects, marine engines servicing and repairs, education and environmental.

The association will continue to run fishing clinics and offer one-on-one support. The aim for these clinics is to attract a large number of children and their families, plus all other groups and persons mentioned above, who will be taught the basics of fishing. We believe this will give a person and groups a sense of purpose and will assist with mental health, social skills, and motor skills.

Our vision is also to alleviate boredom which can lead to senseless crimes, depression and, in the worst case, suicide. It is about teaching patience, building friendships, networks and giving our youth something productive to do. We also act in a mentoring role for at-risk teens, people with depression and all people in need. Will also teach other groups the methods which the association has adopted and found successful.

“Changing lives, one life at a time”